Will it break the bank? | Armadillo Insight

Will it break the bank?

Not at all. The beauty of the Armadillo Insight system is that it saves you money right away. Seven people can do the work of nine because they aren’t reinventing the world out of spreadsheets and clumsy data engines, they are taking action with facts and insight.

Armadillo Insight costs less than hiring a top-notch analyst, much less the infrastructure, servers, applications, and design time that will likely triple the cost of the analyst him/herself.

By breaking down the analyst’s ivory tower and democratizing the data, we bring the point of action and decision from the office to the street. The analysis is at the fingertips of every salesperson and manager you have. Accessible, flexible, profound, and profitable.

First, let’s talk about your needs. Then, let’s see how much value we can get you within your budget.