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What do we do for your company?

Armadillo Insight takes major sources of data for beer and wine and brings them to task-specific life.

We believe that efficient organizations democratize information, making their salespeople and production staff able to understand the complex ebb and flow of brand and package intelligence. Making everyone responsible for understanding the business increases the sense of ownership each employee brings to their task.

We take the data and make it accessible, visual, and understandable. We train your staff. We bring your company into the brave new world of dynamic business intelligence, at a cost that will be undeniably justifiable.

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Is it worth it?

Absolutely. By combining the efforts of data managers, analysts, and sales professionals, we deliver information far more inexpensively and in a more useable form.

Armadillo Insight creates value on several fronts:

  • We get the information aligned and accessible
  • We reformat key selling or analysis points graphically
  • We make the information more nimble
  • We strengthen presentations with PowerPoint-ready graphics
  • We train sales people to do their own analysis, making the facts ready at the action level
  • We save loads of time for salespeople by keeping them out of Excel and where they should be: selling and reviewing their business with accounts and distributors
Next: Will it give my company an edge?

Will it give my company an edge?

If you think making your salespeople far more productive and your managers more aware of market trends on every level will improve your competitive position, yes.

If you think knowing your exact position in the market for every brand and package you sell versus the competition will help you exploit the market, yes.

If you think key accounts will better support your brand if you bring insight and action points to every meeting, yes.

If you can get a much more profound retail impact with the people you have in place, rather than throwing bodies at a problem, yes.

If you believe knowledge IS power, yes, yes, yes.

Next: Will it break the bank?

Will it break the bank?

Not at all. The beauty of the Armadillo Insight system is that it saves you money right away. Seven people can do the work of nine because they aren’t reinventing the world out of spreadsheets and clumsy data engines, they are taking action with facts and insight.

Armadillo Insight costs less than hiring a top-notch analyst, much less the infrastructure, servers, applications, and design time that will likely triple the cost of the analyst him/herself.

By breaking down the analyst’s ivory tower and democratizing the data, we bring the point of action and decision from the office to the street. The analysis is at the fingertips of every salesperson and manager you have. Accessible, flexible, profound, and profitable.

First, let’s talk about your needs. Then, let’s see how much value we can get you within your budget.

Next: How do we start?

How do we start?

We start with Armadillo Insight learning about your business, your priorities, and your goals.

Then we show you how we can help you sell more, drive revenue growth, and strengthen your business.

Finally, we teach your team how to use the system, what to look for, and how to translate the information into sales presentations that will gain you influence with national accounts and distributors.

Thankfully, this is really fun. Watching the lights come on in ambitious salespeople has always been one of our founder’s joys in this great business.

Watching your business be inspired, informed, and influential will be yours.

You can get started by emailing Rob at [email protected] .