What do we get?

Armadillo Insight will help you arrange your data so that it focuses on what you want it to focus on, then apply our unique, task-oriented dashboards to that data.

What your managers will see is data made for action. Distributor and chain reviews will be graphically brought to life, ready to copy into our pre-formatted review templates, complete with your logo and brand typefaces.

Every week, this information will be updated and ready for use.

Your owner(s) and managers will be able in one hour a week to draw remarkable insight from key performance indicators.

Armadillo Insight will come to the meeting place of your choice to train your sales force with real-world examples, and show them how they can get out of Excel and into the real world, shaking trees and making things happen.

Beyond the Core level, Armadillo Insight can act as a deeply involved analytical advisor, or can get your information up onto servers that can be accessed from computers or iPads on the street, in the meeting room, or in any sales meeting where ready information can create better understanding of your competitive world.

All information is confidential and secure, and in an administrative hierarchy that allows your people to see it on the levels you choose.

Change your parameters in the interactive dashboard below and see how it works: