How do we start?

We start with Armadillo Insight learning about your business, your priorities, and your goals. A simple questionnaire can get AI started on what you need, then we visit, tour (and taste!) and try to get an intimate feel for your company’s culture, structure, and values.

We make a plan with timelines, administrative guidelines, and lay out how you will see the data.

Next we get your permission to access your cleansed depletion and competitive data, and begin overlaying our templates onto your data structure. As we get templates online, we send them to you for vetting.

Finally, we take the approved templates and bring them to your sales force and office staff to teach them how to use the system, what to look for, and how to translate the information into sales presentations that will gain you influence with national accounts and distributors.

Thankfully, this is really fun. Watching the lights come on in ambitious salespeople has always been one of our founder’s joys in this great business.

Watching your business be inspired, informed, and influential will be yours.

You can get started by calling us at (360)840-3313 or emailing us at .