Douglas Mills, Founder and Principal Owner

Douglas Mills has been in the alcoholic beverage industry for thirty-one years, starting in retail, moving through wholesale, and then into the supplier side in 1988. He has been a small business owner, a distributor manager, a regional manager, a category development manager, and a Director of National Accounts over the years. He has worked creating promotions and in marketing and has studied Marketing at the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

His experience in organizing and training led him to found Armadillo Insight in 2012, in part out of a frustration with how data was underused in the craft beer industry. Realizing that data should be street-ready and actionable, he redesigned the conduit from raw data to street sales in a way he felt brought more power and knowledge to the people who actually make things happen, the managers and members of the sales force.

His belief in the craft beer industry led him to develop tools that could get smaller companies on a competitive level with the large beer monopolies. Doug loves teaching sales and analysis. The rest is just a pathway to that end.